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Flytown Capital is a family run, locally owned real estate investment company located in Columbus, Ohio.  We are a husband and wife team that believe in doing business right. This means being transparent, timely and following through on what we say. 

Our goal is to work with sellers, contractors and tenants to create a win-win environment

We look for properties that need work, put in sweat equity to fix them up, then rent them out. We come up with the design, and pick out all of the finishes.  


We pride ourselves on doing the work to our properties right, and never cut corners. We love our city, and we want to do our part in making it a beautiful place to live.




We work with motivated home sellers to develop a solution that works for all parties. We primarily focus on properties that are in need of renovations and improvement.

Unlike most direct-to-seller companies, we are the end buyer with the goal of owning the property for many years to come. If the deal does not work for us, we are open and transparent with the seller and offer suggestions and assistance to help achieve their goals.

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One of our favorite parts of the process is transforming the space. This begins with envisioning what the space could become. This means considering changes such as moving walls, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen configurations.

After a design is finalized, we work with our trusted contractors to complete the project. We often times will also lend a hand in the construction process using the skills we have developed over the years. We find it is important to have time, hard work and money invested in a project to finish with the best results.

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After the renovations are completed, we find qualified tenants that will enjoy and take good care of the property. Our tenant vetting process includes successfully passing credit and criminal background checks, as well as being able to demonstrate their ability to adhere to lease terms.

As both the owner and property manager, our goal is to work well with our tenants. This includes timely response to maintenance issues and working together through any other problems that arise. We firmly believe that our success is based on a good relationship with our tenants.

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